Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anniversary celebration

The past couple days were just awesome.

April 26th was my 5 year anniversary with my girlfriend. For anyone familiar with my previous few posts, we have been working through something I did that really upset her. After the day of my Annael evocation and the subsequent fighting that happened as a result, things seem to have snapped right back into place, which are awesome results considering how the week was leading up to that point.

Our plan for the 25th was to take a scenic drive along the Brasstown bi-way here in Georgia, taking us through some of the most beautiful outdoor spots shy of Blue Ridge, with the plan of hiking, seeing some waterfalls, and visiting the scenic and historic Helen, Georgia. Of course it would rain and storm like crazy come the day of. Before having left for the trip, I did an offering to the spirits of location and asked them for their aide and a bit of luck on the trip. What a nice surprise to have my day rained on.

Until we were driving and suddenly entered North Carolina and Krista got the random idea that we ought to visit the Great Smokey Mountains and spend the entire following day there starting at sunrise. So, what did we do? We drove from North Carolina to Tennessee and entered Gatlinburg to pick up a few things, and being low on money, we decided to sleep in the car in some parking in the middle of the woods of the Smokies. We got up with the sunrise and spent all day out there.

Right after sunrise, I was meditating on a boulder in the middle of a river. I offered up some energy to the spirits of the area could see them moving about in the stream, in the woods, and all about as I focused on a stone in the middle of the river. There was a spirit of a Native American woman however who was angry that I was there and began to explain to me that she was still hurt and bitter that her land had been taken from her, that her people had been encroached upon, and my being a Caucasian did not help matters at all. I expressed her gratitude for sharing her land for the moment and expressed sorrow for what happened to her people in the past and what our civilization has done to its culture and lands.

I had a chance just to bask in the presence of the Spiritus Mundi in an awesome way. The whole area was so alive and full of energy, it was incredible.

We spent some time walking around Gatlinburg, which was nice, just before a very long drive up the mountain to a hiking spot which took us to the highest accessible point of the mountain in the area, close to 6,000 ft. elevation. All I could see was rolling hills and mountains for miles and miles in every direction, it was breath taking.

The turn out was better than expected. Not only was I enjoying the repair of problems I started in our relationship with the help of Annael and my willingness to own up to my shit, but I also ended up in nature more vast and beautiful than we had even planned. It was overall the best view I've ever really seen and well worth the drive and sleeping in the car. So perhaps my spirit friends had something better in mind, or perhaps it was just happenstance, but often these things can be indistinguishable anyway, so I bid them thanks this morning during my morning offerings.

In other news, I have cemented my Jupiter Work with some followup Work in the spheres of Saturn and Mars, with Sol awaiting this evening at a late solar hour. I presented my plans to Kammael and asked for his help in having the discipline and balls to carry them out and set Graphiel and Barzabel to work on my behalf. As usual, I couldn't hang around in the Mars vibe for long. I don't like long Mars Workings. Too hot, dry, arid, rough, and uncomfortable. But necessary.

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