Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tales from Hypserspace

I have yet to take the molecule into conjure work, but I have had some exceedingly interesting experiences with it alone and in meditation. I figured I should probably share some details.

In my experience, it is without doubt that this molecule puts you in touch with something powerful. The almost universal experience of meeting entities in the "hyperspace" is something I've definitely been experiencing. I've met different kinds of entities, with different traits, characteristics, and abilities. I also meet different kinds of beings depending on how far out I go and whether I choose to shut my eyes and go to a different realm, or keep them open and get in touch with the spirits of the world around me.

With more tame and lower level journeys, I tend to stay outside and keep my eyes open. Within 15 seconds of drawing in my first breath, faces make themselves apparent to me in the trees, the grass, the clouds, streams, rocks, and every other thing. What is interesting is that they don't appear as totally new images super imposed on everything, but rather the essence of the thing configuring itself into an expression.

The more I choose to connect with them, recognize them, speak to them, and ask them questions, the more they make themselves apparent to me. Once you enter "hyperspace", you've stepped into the realm or home of another class of beings, immaterial and spiritual, and they notice you with a certain sense of caution.

"Who is this? DO we trust him? Does he trust us?" seems to be a general approach from these beings.

Sometimes, you'll connect with one specifically and a certain exchange of energy begins to occur. Once you've made a sufficient connection, it reveals itself to you more fully. During these times, your thoughts may be placed on a higher plane and you can receive great insights about yourself, humanity, nature, the Universe, and the LOGOS.

Not only have I encountered spirits of the Spiritus Mundi, but have encountered my HGA, spirits of the dead and even demonic beings. I've learned things from each of them and have been able to realize certain lessons I've been attempting to learn for a long time. I once learned an awesome technique for channeling "energy" along the subtle body for the purpose of balance and atonement, but also for the purpose of charging talismans and other things. Cool stuff.

With eyes closed, one gets enveloped in a tidal wive of color, life, energy, art, beauty -- perfect design. A labyrinth of incredible art that is personal and unique to you. It acts as a sort of portal between worlds and if you follow it, it takes you to another place entirely. If you've imbibed a sufficient quantity, that is.

These are sub-breakthrough experiences.

Upon breaking through, the world around you dissolves into incredible fractal patterning, energy, and life. Everything dances and sways and if you go far enough, simply disintegrates into something entirely different.

You close your eyes and are met with unbelievably vast arrays of movement and consciousness. You may see, hear, feel, and in general encounter a very other worldy being. If you are about to break through, the chrysanthemum literally dissolves in front of you, and light pours through. You are beginning to be completely transported to another realm.

For me, I am met by an entity that I don't always see. He acts as a sort of "spirit/travel guide", who takes me to various rooms and places and I see all manner of different things. Some things I meet are so alien that they are unenglishable whose functions and meaning I have yet to determine. Other beings are very shamanistic, healing, and like medicine men. Others are very dark, apparently evil, energy devouring beings. Some are quite reptilian -- somewhere between lizard, snake, and intelligent being.

All these beings have various audible tones, frequencies, "chimes", or chords associated with them. Some show me things -- very advanced, technological things with some abstract and some concrete functions.

They all manifest and alter reality through language -- whether song, sound, or unenglishable terms. They can affect the flow of energy and the way things manifest and they attempt to teach you how to do the same.

The stumbling block mostly is taking a lot of what you have witnessed back with you and putting it into action. Some things can more or less be easily integrated, and others are so abstract that they only seem to make sense in that state, but then out of their context seem not to make sense at all. It requires great reflection, contemplation, meditation, and integration to fully realize what it is you're being guided through.

I'll give more specific experience reports as they come. And as promised, I will write about experiences guided with conjure and see what I meet along the way.


  1. Definitely looking forward to future tales, brother. Safe travels.

  2. Loved this post! Yes! Amazing journeys and experiences. People are afraid to reveal this part of their work for fear of being scoffed at, but it is so important to understand that this is what happens when you travel through the veils of our reality. Inspiring....

  3. Thank you both for reading. I definitely already have a variety of opinions about this particular venture, but it's okay.

  4. Great post, thanks for sharing these experiences.

    I'm new to your blog and have a quick question: What works have most influenced your worldview?

    The reason I ask is that I believe that the experiences a practitioner has are to a large extent influenced by how they view the world. For example, someone steeped in UFO lore would as a practitioner have experiences with beings that manifest as small gray men.

  5. @Simon Tomasi: (part 1)

    Thanks for reading and inquiring as well. Truly, there's no short answer to this question. You definitely bring up a valid point.

    I will say that the single biggest influence on my magick and practice in general is Christianity. I was raised in ardent, fundamentalist Christianity. I had an experience during my jaded, pseudo-Satanic, neo-pagan teenage years that really changed the course of my life and reformatted who I am. That experience led me back to Christianity, but I found that I was yet again unable to connect with the Christianity I was raised with or anything like it.

    Lots of searching led me to seek out Qabalah, Hermetics, and ritual magick. These paths were congruous enough with my deep Christian beliefs, but congruous enough with what I saw in the Universe that other Christians just.... Didn't. Then I came into contact with RO (being a Christian Hermetic Magician himself), and I found that path that I will likely be on 'til I'm dead.

    The second biggest influence on my worldview has got to be astrology. I don't only apply it in magick, but I observe everything in manifest reality as bearing the signature of the cosmos. I believe so deeply in this idea of the "celestial snapshot" that is the natal chart that I pretty nearly consider it a fundamental truth.

    The cosmology outlined in the Corpus Hermticum has congealed with my astrological worldview, and so at every moment of the day, I see the world through these eyes. The Kybalion is largely responsible for my understanding of Universal Law. The Three Books of Occult philosophy and countless works that were either entirely plagiarized from it, or strongly influenced by it, have laid the foundation for my understanding of magick.

    It is without doubt that much of what I encounter either in conjure or on a psychedelic drug, or both, is completely influenced by these factors.

    The post above is more along the lines of those latter experiences: psychedelics. More specifically, DMT, the alleged "Spirit Molecule".

  6. @Simon: (part 2)

    It is often said that DMT can take you deeper into yoru *own* Universe or reveal a deeper understanding of what it is you *already* believe. There's a lot of truth to that. But, that's not all there is to it...

    Some of what you encounter in these states is so other worldly, so strange, so abstract, bewildering, confusing, unenglishable, but yet so universal in the sense that people across the globe have some very common threads in their experience with it, it's hard to discard the idea that DMT places you, in part,in a space "outside of yourself" (to be so arbitrary) and puts you in contact with "something else". One good, strong experience with it is generally sufficient for anyone to understand the great depth of experience inherent in this particular molecule.

    Now, to be fair... Like any intelligent adventurer, I have done plenty of research before and after having these experiences. I've read everything I could get my hands on in terms of experience reports, dosage, extraction, history, etc. Terrence McKenna has probably had the biggest influence on me in terms of psychedelic exploration. It is interesting, though... He was also a Scorpio with avid interest in mysticism, Hermetics, and psychedelia. We have a lot of parallels as individuals.

    But yet, with all that I have read, listened to, and been influenced by -- I never ceased to be totally shocked and surprised by what I encounter. There's a certain sense of familiarity with lower dose experiences wherein you can sort of guide it to your own place, but... Once you break through, there's genuinely no telling what you're going to experience. I've experienced things I've seen no other user describe, and vice versa, and I'll encounter things I never anticipated.

    At that point, I'm simply left to process what I've encountered, do my best to make sense of it, learn from it, integrate it, and dive back in for more.

    Thanks for the question, Simon. If you have more questions or comments, or just want to continue the discussion, let me know. I don't mind.

  7. Wow, thanks for sharing information about what influences have shaped how you view the world and how it impacts your practical work.

    Your mention of researching DMT usage reminded me of an recent I came across that described use of drugs in magic and mysticism as using C4. The author stated that it was very useful in the hands of a trained practitioner.